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Get to Know the Blogger - posted at 3:36 PM

Hello, my name is Andrea! I'm a sixteen-year-old suffering high school sophomore with a deep love of aesthetics and literature. When I ain't here on internet, I enjoy reading fanfiction, drawing, coding, food, and literally enjoying my basic life.

Random facts:
  • I'm born and raised in Indonesia 
  • I have 2 cats and 3 turtles 
  • My father is chinese so I inherited these monolid eyes from him 
  • Raw onions and beans are my enemies 
  • I love any colors (that means I don't have any favorite colors) 
  • But shades of blue and green are awesome 
  • I'm definitely not a morning person 
  • My rising sign is leo sun, aquarius ascendant and capricorn moon (references
  • My chinese zodiac is golden dragon 
  • I love watching movies so much 
  • My love to green tea is endless 
  • I named my blog after it 
  • Autumn is my favorite season 
  • I'm allergic to dust, or any kind of them 
  • I've got an older brother and a younger sister 
  • Spider or any insect don't scare me 
  • I'm an animal lover 
  • Except mosquitoes. They're annoying, smh 
  • Music is life™ 
  • I'm a muslim, I believe in God 
  • Althought I'm not too religious. I'm more to spiritual 
  • I plan to not smoke nor drink caffeine 
  • Meeting new people is something I always look forward to doing 
  • My hands and feet are always sweating 
  • My taste of music is alternative or EDM 
  • I also enjoy k-pop music 
  • I love my life, my existence is determined by God and I learn to be grateful 
  • I'm not that good in english so please bare with me :(

I think I will update this, soon... if I find anything that needs to be included here.
Have a great day everyone! <3


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this is a personal blog, i rarely update nor visit :-) have a great day
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